THE TALES OF CATT AND FISHER Edited by Justina Robson

Carol Goodwin As this collection features the work of three of our recent Guests of Honour; Justina Robson (editor), Adrian Tchaikovsky (author) and Juliet McKenna (author) I thought it might be of interest to Novacon attendees. The Doctors Catt and Fisher are collectors, consultants and traders of magical artefacts with occasional forays into treasure hunting, … Continue reading THE TALES OF CATT AND FISHER Edited by Justina Robson

I’d like to talk about books…

Yvonne Rowse, programme chief There seems to have been endless media stuff produced for lockdown. I’ve even had to watch a few because Ian has made me. We watched One Man Two Guvnors and Jesus Christ Superstar and lots of little youtube shorts. My favourite, due to brevity and immense charm, is the Good Omens: Lockdown written by Neil Gaiman. I’m … Continue reading I’d like to talk about books…

Blackpool Remembered

Alex Storer All you classic Doctor Who aficionados out there might be interested in an epic free new ebook from John Collier, entitled Blackpool Remembered. The book celebrates the original Doctor Who exhibition on Blackpool’s Golden Mile, which ran from 1974 to 1985. I became involved in this project in April – over a month … Continue reading Blackpool Remembered

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